Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ITS A...

Carsten will be the proud brother of a baby...bubba!!!! We are so excited to add more noise and craziness to our home. My husband is ecstatic at the thought of raising little boys....he says its God mercy that we may never have a little girl (he really would go to jail if anything ever happened to her.) I say we will keep trying until we do!!!!:) I can only dream of how cool it will be for Carsten to be so close to a male sibling. I know there will be times when the fighting comes, but hopefully with the exchanging of a truck, car, or train, they will be back to best buds:)

Us Celebrating at Chick-fil-A ...You can guess who picked this place and why...He was so excited!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Little Prayer Warrior

I have to blog about my sweet little Carsten. We have known from the beginning that he was a sensitive little boy...dont get me wrong...he is all boy, but theres a side to him that is so affectionate, tender, and sensitive. The momma in me wants him to stay this way forever, especially with me. Scott and I kid with each other all the time that hes never leaving home, never gonna get married (if he does,it will be my goal to be the lucky girl's best friend), and never have a life outside of us. Of course we are kidding, but this is how much we so love and enjoy him. Back to my original intent for this blog. We have talked to him about Jesus since he was little, little. We taught him how to "praise Jesus"...before he could walk, we would say "praise Jesus" and he would start to sway back and forth...so adorable. About 8 months ago is when he really caught on to blessing the food before dinner. He now will bow his head as far as it will go, close his eyes so tight, it would take pulling them apart with our hands to get them opened, and clasping his little hands so tightly when its time to pray...at the end of the prayer or if daddy is going too long, he will yell out "Amen"!! (some of you saw my recent posts of him praying for the baby in this same manner). It is with such fervor and confidence...I have to admit, some days he teaches me more than I teach him. He says it as if it is done on earth as it is in heaven. Well today at church, a guy came up to him and said give me "high five". Carsten ran over and hit his hand like he always does. The guy acted like it hurt and said "what power you have for a little boy". Carsten then proceeded to go over, put his hand on the guys hand and pray for God to heal his hurt hand. It was absolutely priceless...the guy looked at me like "did that really just happen?"

Writing this now brings tears to my eyes (maybe its because Im preggo). My little boy has such a childlike faith...a faith that God calls us all to possess. I think about Carsten's innocence and purity and I want to freeze moments like this. When he was in my womb, I would pray that God would make him sensitive first and foremost to Him, and secondly to those who hurt. God is answering that prayer even as I watch Carsten grow right before my eyes. God does answer prayer, even small ones that we pray for our children. I am learning as a mother that praying for them is the greatest thing we can do for them. One day when Carsten is older and making some of his own decisions, this will be the one thing that will keep me grounded and sane...trusting God that He is big enough to answer small o' me's prayers for my precious baby.

On a lighter note, I have to include some pics of Carsten...he has never ever wanted to wear hats. I would buy such cute ones for him and the minute I would put them on his head, off they would come. He now loves them. Scott says he finally looked in the mirror and saw how cute he looks. He even wants to wear them to bed...and is very persistent with:)

16.5 Preggo and Counting

Some of you who I dont get to see often have asked for belly pics...here they are in their fullness. I have to say...my, my,my...they were right...when you get preggo the 2nd time around, you grow so much faster. My body has done exactly what it knew to do...Im finally not feeling like I need to wear the shirt "Yes, Im pregnant"...like I just gained my Freshman 15. I now look to the complete stranger on the street like I'm with child. With Carsten, I didnt look like this until I was 23 weeks. And they are right about another thing...everything feels double...instead of 16 weeks, I feel more like 26 weeks. Lets hope this doesnt continue...does this mean I will feel 50 weeks when I go into labor.

Hopefully this will be the week we find out the gender...I go to the doctor tomorrow... will keep you updated!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Adams #2

Since announcing officially on my blog last night, I thought I might give a few details of this 2nd pregnancy. Its been very similar to my 1st, with one exception...I have been so exhausted! Yes...I know, I have a very active toddler who does not ever stop, not even for a minute. If I sit down, hes right there saying "up momma" "up momma". He doesnt get the whole prego thing, obviously. I think there were maybe two days during my first pregnancy that I took a nap. During my 1st trimester with this one, I think I took a nap, if but a short one, everyday. This contributed to some sickness and major food aversions. It was so hard to shop at the grocery store, much less cook for my family...sorry Scott, my wonderful husband. To this day, there are certain grocery stores that I have trouble shopping in due to them making me sick when I was prego with Carsten. Other than these things, I have been very blessed.

We had a 1st trimester screening done at 12 weeks. This tests for trisomy 18, 21 (Downs) and 23. We opted out of any screening with Carsten...I dont think my doctor then even offered this type of ultrasound since I wasnt high risk.. I think our main reason for doing it with this one was because we wanted to see the baby! We received the test results and everything turned out normal. We weren't super worried, but it is always in the back of a mother's mind. We have our next appt. in a week and hopefully will find out the gender the next week.

Carsten has been so sweet...he puts his hand on my tummy and prays for the baby and when we get to the end yells out as loud as he can "Amen"!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time to Begin

I love the whole idea of blogging memories that will be read by my children as they grow throughout the years. No, I don't need another "thing" to do, but I know the importance of leaving a legacy behind. This will be one of my ways of doing that as a mother. AND, what better time to start a blog than now...when we are expecting our 2nd child!!! I can't wait to introduce him/her to this world and to his/her older brother, Carsten Jude. Carsten, you are a little unsure about the talk of a "baby in momma's belly". One day you will say you want a baby sibling and the next you will just reply "nope" to that question. You are going through a real tough time with momma holding other babies...you made this very clear last week in the toddler room at church where mom had duty. One little boy needed a little extra comforting while his mom left and you threw a fit because momma was holding him. You bout yanked his whole foot off trying to get him down...all the while saying "down momma, down baby". Bless your heart...you are such a momma's boy and I love every minute of it!

With all that said, I am 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow. We will find out soon the gender...I have a strong feeling, we will be having another sweet boy. With Carsten, I had three dreams (I was breastfeeding in all three)that he was a boy. And I just had my first dream (yes...breastfeeding again...maybe because I love it so much) that it was a boy. We will be so excited if it is. We love the idea of Carsten having a little brother so close in age. God is truly amazing and we glorify him for another blessing in the womb. Thank-you Jesus!