Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Has Time Gone?

My sweet, sweet Hudson is almost 5 months old, but this will be a post about his 4 month stats. Are you ready for this one...he weighed 18.5 lbs and measured at 28 inches long!!! HE IS OFF THE CHARTS!!! And that was 3 weeks ago...there is no telling what he weighs now. I am still breastfeeding exclusively...but the doc says I should probably think about giving him some cereal if I every wanna have a good night's rest anytime soon:) We still haven't started it...not sure what I'm waiting on.

Here are just a few great things about Huddy:

*He is taking a 1-1.5 hr morning nap, a 2 hr afternoon nap, and a little catnap around 5pm...then to bed at 8pm (he has put himself on this great schedule...what an angel)
*He's still not crazy about the paci, but will take it before his nap (there's nothing like the real thing baby!!)
*He loves the exersaucer, bouncer and bumbo chair...he is starting to balance a little more when sitting up
*He eats every 3.5-4hrs during the day and let's just say hit or miss at night (he's not too crazy about sleeping through the night, but momma is getting a little crazy due to the lack of sleep)
*He still loves to talk and look at himself in the mirror...he gets so cracked up at himself and hides in my shoulder when he sees his reflection in the mirror (so adorably cute)
*Still so content and easy going...has such a cute personality
*Enjoys being social more than his older brother at this age
*Still loves bathtime
*Is rolling from his tummy to back and from his back to tummy...he loves rolling over on his side and looking all around
*Is so ticklish and laughs this great big belly laugh

He's enriched our life in a way that we could have never imagined. I was so worried before having him that I just couldn't love someone like I love Carsten, but its so true, just as everyone says, your love just multiplies. There is a bond that I have with him like no other...he is so beautiful in every way. I can't wait to see how God uses him all the days of his life.
Next week, my firstborn, Carsten, will be 3...oh how I long to slow down time...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sweet Angel Face

My sweet, sweet Hudson aka Huddy turned 2 months last Saturday. I cannot believe he is already 9.5 weeks old. Where does time go when you're having fun? He is truly such a joy for our family. The only time he fusses, which is so cute because he gets a pouty lip, is when he's tired. I sometimes forget that he's around because I never hear a peep from him. I've always heard the 2nd one is more calm, but it could be that I'm more calm as a mom this time around as well. My dad had a dream several months before he was born that Hudson would have jet black hair with blue eyes and that his temperament would be real laid back...that is exactly right on target! I love this little boy like nobody's business...he melts my heart everytime I look at him.

Here are a few things he's doing at 2 months:

* Eats (breastmilk) every 3 hours during the day

* Weighs a whopping 14.5 pounds and measures at 25.5 inches (this boy is healthy, I'm tellin ya)...hes gained 2.5 pounds and grown 2.5 inches in just one month...he is off the charts according to his precentile

*He can stretch for 5 hours at night...usually goes to bed around 8:30ish, up at 2ish and back down until 6:30ish and back to sleep until 8ish (cant wait till he's going through the night...this momma loves her sleep)

*He loves to be on his tummy

*He loves his swing especially for naps

*He loves to be held and momma loves to hold him

*He is smiling like crazy...he is already such a social butterfly

*He is starting to suck on his hands and will sometimes take a paci right before his nap (I think he will prob be like his brother...not crazy about the paci)

*He loves when momma sings to him

*He loves to be right where momma is

*He is cooing and starting to giggle

*He loves when I talk to him and will even try so hard to talk back

*He has such a sweet spirit

I am smitten, head over heels, in love with this little boy!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Our Anniversary

Today is such a special day for me...its my 5 year anniversary. Wow!!! Some days it feels like 5 years (like when my toddler is giving me a run for my money) and some days, it truly feels like its only been a year. Just the other day, we looked at each other and made the comment that there are days when we feel like we are "kids" raising kids. Time goes by way tooo fast. We have had many ups and downs, but have managed to learn from the mistakes we've made along the way. There is no other person that could complete me, fulfill me, and complement me the way my husband does.

When we met 6 years ago, there was no mistake that we were "made for each other." I loved so many things about him...his integrity, his sense of humor, his looks, his sense of style, his love for others, his passionate drive, his pursuit to win my heart, his intelligence, etc. But the most important attribute that I found him to possess was his love for the one who created us and created our relationship, Jesus. One thing that I had come to realize after so many years of being single was the fact that if this was not priority to my future husband, than I would never truly, truly be a top priority on his list. As the case for so many husbands, golf, work, study, etc. would become priorities over me once I was no longer "new and exciting." This is not a fear of mine due to the fact that my husband knows what is ultimately, eternally important and what is not. Scott, I love you for so many reasons, but especially because of this.

The Bible says that as "iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpen another". One significant sign of a healthy relationship is when you can look at each other's flaws and imperfections, humbly admit to those issues, and desperately want to change in order to be a better spouse/person. No, this is not a fun process, and it requires a ton of humility, but the rewards far outweigh the work and sacrifice required. And all of this to say, no, I/we have not mastered this, but the desire to do this is more apparent than when we got married 5 years ago. I can truly say that if not for the grace of God, I would not be the wife I am today. And only by the grace of God, I will be an even better wife 5 years from now. (Don't give up on me husband!!:)

To the one who has made me a better person, the one who I love so dear, the one who I will share eternity with, the one who lays his life down for me, the one who make me smile on a daily basis, the one who gives me beautiful babies...to my husband of 5 years and many more to come...Happy Anniversary!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Wonder Its Called Amazing

I know that I should be blogging all things "baby" right now, but I have to share some insight I received on Sunday. By the way, everything is going good with baby Hud...hes really big and comfortable in momma's big ole' belly:)

The day started out good...I wasn't for sure if Carsten and I would be going to church, but I got in my mind on Saturday night that we would. So I mentally and physically prepared myself to get up, get ready with a toddler around , and get a toddler ready (all really hard to do right now because of my "bigness" and "tiredness"). We were all ready to go after many disruptions from my baby boy who seems to go through major times of exploring (getting into) everything, including but not limited to tearing apart my bathroom. As I have everything in hand (yeah right like everything I have can make it to the car in one trip), I notice that the set of keys that my husband has left me doesn't have our SUV key on it. I began to think, "where in the world is it?". Then I remember that he took if off the key ring when his sister was in town so she could drive our truck to the gym. I thought, "oh no, theres no telling where he put it once she gave it back". So I called him (he goes to our first service so he was already at church which is 20 minutes away from our home) and he said look in the drawer under our coffee pot. I looked and looked and could not find it. I was so upset, looking everywhere for those keys. I was even more frustrated that he did not put the key back on my key ring. I was so excited about going to church because it could be my last time for a while, but now it looked like I wouldn't make it after all. I called him back and with lots of restraint did not let him have it the way I wanted. I had looked under couch pillows, in our mail keeper, and everywhere in between. I finally gave up the grand plan to go to church and as I spoke with him, I burst out in hormonal last two weeks of being preggo tears. My feelings were so bad hurt...like my best friend has just disowned me hurt feelings. I know some of you know exactly what I mean. At that point, I said to him "why in the world after a week of your sister being gone, did you not put the key back on the ring?" In which he replied, "Kelly, why don't you be gracious to all parties involved?!" Oh no, wrong thing to say to a 10 month momma of a toddler who just tornadoed the house while I got ready. I replied to him, "I have been gracious enough...I've had it!!" Immediately when I said those words, I thought "wow, not a good thing to say." We eventually hung up so I could control my tongue.

As I began to think about my words, I was taught a lesson that I'm not sure the greatest message at church could have taught me that morning. I started to think "what if Jesus reacted this way everytime it came to me and my continual failings to do what I know to be righteous and holy in His eyes?" What if His grace ran out of being gracious to all? What if He had walked the hill to calvary, been mounted on the cross, pierced and nailed to the wood, only to say "I've been gracious enough, all of the rest of you will have to be saved and set free some other way." What if His grace only brought me so far, and I was left to make up for the rest by my good deeds and perfection (wow! would I be in some kind of trouble?) As I thought about these "what ifs" I was reminded of His goodness, faithfulness, and love towards those (including me) who don't deserve it at all. That's why grace is so amazing...its not earned, its not bought, its not contingent on our "goods", its not given to those who outwardly have it together, etc. Its given because the One who gives it is full of grace, mercy, and compassion for His full of flaws children. I can rest assured that tonight, regardless of my inadequacies, I serve a God who went the distance and didn't give up based on His perfect foreknowledge that I would not be perfect. After this revelation to my heart, I was at peace and smiled knowing that my Jesus is "gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love (Psalm 145:8)"
Even when I may be fed up and lacking grace for my husband, children, and myself...

Check out this video:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Because...

This Face Makes Me Laugh

This Face Make Me Cry with Joy

This Face Makes My Day

This is the Face of My Beautiful Baby!

Just Had to Share



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remembering my Sweet Mother-in-Law

I must admit that I have been a horrible blogger...so here is my official apology. I have so much fun reading other's blogs that I run out of time, with the othe 100 things I do on a weekly basis, writing posts for my own. I do the same with scrapbooking...I love to do it, but I have trouble finding the time and motivation to get it started. Some people are wonderful starteres but horrbile at finishing...I have just the opposite problem. I wont even start if I dont feel like I can finish strong...just the perfectionist in me.
But I cant think of no better way to start my blog back up than with the post Im about to make. See today is my 29th birthday...thanks for all the well wishes...my husband was working all day so we celebrated yesterday. My sweet little boy kept singing "Happy Birthday to My Mamma" all day. But the balloons they gave me were all "his":) I just love him. Anyway thats not why this is a great way to start back...the reason is because this day is not just my birthday, but also my precious mother-in-law's who passed away July 5th of this year (I always thought is was so neat that we shared the same birthday)! This post is dedicated to her life here on earth and the many people she touched and changed forevermore.
You see...many women I know, good friends included, do not really like their mother-in-law...yes they grin and bear it for their husband's sake, but inside they really dont understand nor want to understand their minlaw. I can honestly say that has never been the case for me. God blessed me with a great one. I can remember the first time we met. I had heard a lot of great things from my husband, who was very close to her; the very same things I hope my boys say to their future wives. When we met, she truly was the person he had made her out to be. She was so sweet, so gentle, and so compassionate. A very funny thing happened the night we met...my husband, who was my fiance at the time, was keeping our honeymoon destination a secret. She was so excited and nervous to meet me that she totally spilled the beans. She said, "so Kelly are you excited about Hawaii"? My husband was not very happy, but we were both very understanding...Im glad she got to be the one to tell me. From the moment we met, we totally hit it off. Up until the time she passed, when introducing me to friends or one of her many nurses, she would say this is my daughter-in-law, Kelly...we fell in love at first sight:) Just one of the many ways she made me feel the love she had for me. And it was truly love at first sight.

Shortly after my husband and I marrried (5 months exactly), my minlaw was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer. Her surgery to remove the tumor caused major damage to her lungs (probably from an infection). So she was fighting two insurmountable illnesses that were sure to take her back at that point. I can remember one doctor sitting my huband and myself down and telling us she had a "double 0 chance of living". Heartbreaking, heartwrenching words for us to hear. I had never seen a man so broken as my husband was during that time, and of course as his new wife, I hurt not only for my sweet min law, but also for him and the family, her husband and one daughter, Kelly. We prayed that God would send a miracle and heal her body. The prayer was answered in that she was allowed to spend 4 more years here on earth. The testimony of His faitfulness was shouted from the rooftops as my minlaw was released from the hospital where she was never supposed to leave. The next 4 years of her life were probably the hardest, but also the most significant years she had ever lived (I think she would vouch for this as well).
Her relationships, which were the most important part of her life, became even more meaningful. She was a woman who loved her family, her friends, and most importantly her God. And she was not afraid to tell anyone. Whether it was a stranger she met while waiting for Chemo treatments or a friend she had known for years, when she talked about those close to her, there was no mistaking that she radiated a love for them like none I have seen. She was so proud of her family... she smiled from ear to ear when she was able to tell people that her son was working in the ministry; she loved her daughter so very deeply and stood by her side no matter the circumstances. She was truly supportive of her children and would be there for them in a New York minute. My husband likes to say he could have committed murder and she wold go down fighting in his defense:) She got to enjoy many great events during those last 4 years, one being the birth of Carsten. She was so excited the day we told them the news of our pregnancy. We even found a calendar where she had written down all of our doctor's visits, ultrasounds, and any little tidbits I shared with her about his upcoming arrival. I didnt even do this. But this goes to show how involved she desired to be in the life of her own children. When Carsten was born on Sept. 30th, 2006, she was unable to be here physically, but she was here in spirit. She got to hear over the phone the first cries of her sweet baby grandson and this truly delighted her. She loved the fact that he looked so much like her own son...I think every time she was around Carsten, it took her back to the sweet times she had with Scott as he was growing up. She would say "he reminds me so much of Scott when he was that age", with a twinkle in her eye. She loved our little boy so much and that made my love for her go even deeper. See, when I had Carsten, I developed an even greater appreciation of my minlaw. I remember looking at Carsten (and still do) and thinking I can totally relate to my minlaw and the admiration, fondness, and adoration she has for her own son. Even if she had not been all the wonderful things she had been to me, this one fact, that she birthed my husband, would have made all the difference in the world in our relationship. I now tell people that if my son ever and I mean ever gets married, that I will be best friends with his wife..:) something that I can say happened between my minlaw and myself. Maybe that was her goal from the very beginning:)
The day she died was one of the saddest days in the lives of her family, but one of the most glorious days for her. See she had prepared to meet her maker from a young age, but it wasnt until those 4 years of being sick that she really yearned to meet Him in a very personal way. When she spoke of the Lord, she spoke of his goodness in her life (something that would be hard for anyone in her position). She spoke of his kindness, his faithfulness, his amazing grace, his love over her life, etc. She could not get enough of her God. She loved His Word so very much and at times devoured every single line of it as if it was her very daily bread. It sustained her, brought joy to her soul, and gave her strength for even the toughest of days. She was a fighter in spirit, even as her physical body gave way to this temporal life. This is what made her struggle with cancer a unique one. Never did I hear her murmur or complain against the Lord...she loved him with all her heart, soul, strength, and mind. She knew her "slight and momentary afflictions was preparing an eternal wight of glory beyond all comparison" (2 Corinth 4:17) And that is what she lived her life for.
Her funeral was very much a mile marker for me in my own life. Funerals really do tell a lot about a person's life, more so than we could ever realize. And her spoke volumes of who she was. My very brave husband spoke at her funeral...you know you've married a man of all men when he can get up at his own mother's funeral and speak without completely falling apart...not that there were not tears shed, but he so unswervingly believed that she was not just in a "better place" but the "best place", that he could stand in confidence and give an account of his mother's life to all that were present. One of the things that I heard over and over that day and the days to follow was her compassion, love and unselfishness to all those she came in contact with, especially her family. See it wasnt the many diplomas she earned or didn't, it wasnt the job promotions or lack thereof, it wasnt how many "things" she acquired or didn't that set her life a part. It was the love she had for others, and the faith she had in her God. In a superficial, very competitive world, we (myself included) lose sight of the things that are most important, and strive towards the things that have nothing to do with our eternal life and the glory thereof. We become consumed with how we look, how we are perceived, and how we can have a "better life now". But all of these things bring a quick, temporary happiness...one that leaves us void and only wanting more. What I learned (and still a very hard lesson) from my minlaw will forever be with me. All of these things pale in comparison to the greatness of knowing God and deeply, truly loving the people he has placed in our lives. She lived a life worth emulating and I forever will be changed because of God blessing me with her. She has made me want to love my husband, children, friends, and God in a greater, more passionate way.

I miss her so badly...to see her again on this earth would only leave me yerning for one more day. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will be untied once and for all. Here's to her life and the way she touched so many.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ITS A...

Carsten will be the proud brother of a baby...bubba!!!! We are so excited to add more noise and craziness to our home. My husband is ecstatic at the thought of raising little boys....he says its God mercy that we may never have a little girl (he really would go to jail if anything ever happened to her.) I say we will keep trying until we do!!!!:) I can only dream of how cool it will be for Carsten to be so close to a male sibling. I know there will be times when the fighting comes, but hopefully with the exchanging of a truck, car, or train, they will be back to best buds:)

Us Celebrating at Chick-fil-A ...You can guess who picked this place and why...He was so excited!