Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sweet Angel Face

My sweet, sweet Hudson aka Huddy turned 2 months last Saturday. I cannot believe he is already 9.5 weeks old. Where does time go when you're having fun? He is truly such a joy for our family. The only time he fusses, which is so cute because he gets a pouty lip, is when he's tired. I sometimes forget that he's around because I never hear a peep from him. I've always heard the 2nd one is more calm, but it could be that I'm more calm as a mom this time around as well. My dad had a dream several months before he was born that Hudson would have jet black hair with blue eyes and that his temperament would be real laid back...that is exactly right on target! I love this little boy like nobody's business...he melts my heart everytime I look at him.

Here are a few things he's doing at 2 months:

* Eats (breastmilk) every 3 hours during the day

* Weighs a whopping 14.5 pounds and measures at 25.5 inches (this boy is healthy, I'm tellin ya)...hes gained 2.5 pounds and grown 2.5 inches in just one month...he is off the charts according to his precentile

*He can stretch for 5 hours at night...usually goes to bed around 8:30ish, up at 2ish and back down until 6:30ish and back to sleep until 8ish (cant wait till he's going through the night...this momma loves her sleep)

*He loves to be on his tummy

*He loves his swing especially for naps

*He loves to be held and momma loves to hold him

*He is smiling like crazy...he is already such a social butterfly

*He is starting to suck on his hands and will sometimes take a paci right before his nap (I think he will prob be like his brother...not crazy about the paci)

*He loves when momma sings to him

*He loves to be right where momma is

*He is cooing and starting to giggle

*He loves when I talk to him and will even try so hard to talk back

*He has such a sweet spirit

I am smitten, head over heels, in love with this little boy!!!