Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Has Time Gone?

My sweet, sweet Hudson is almost 5 months old, but this will be a post about his 4 month stats. Are you ready for this one...he weighed 18.5 lbs and measured at 28 inches long!!! HE IS OFF THE CHARTS!!! And that was 3 weeks ago...there is no telling what he weighs now. I am still breastfeeding exclusively...but the doc says I should probably think about giving him some cereal if I every wanna have a good night's rest anytime soon:) We still haven't started it...not sure what I'm waiting on.

Here are just a few great things about Huddy:

*He is taking a 1-1.5 hr morning nap, a 2 hr afternoon nap, and a little catnap around 5pm...then to bed at 8pm (he has put himself on this great schedule...what an angel)
*He's still not crazy about the paci, but will take it before his nap (there's nothing like the real thing baby!!)
*He loves the exersaucer, bouncer and bumbo chair...he is starting to balance a little more when sitting up
*He eats every 3.5-4hrs during the day and let's just say hit or miss at night (he's not too crazy about sleeping through the night, but momma is getting a little crazy due to the lack of sleep)
*He still loves to talk and look at himself in the mirror...he gets so cracked up at himself and hides in my shoulder when he sees his reflection in the mirror (so adorably cute)
*Still so content and easy going...has such a cute personality
*Enjoys being social more than his older brother at this age
*Still loves bathtime
*Is rolling from his tummy to back and from his back to tummy...he loves rolling over on his side and looking all around
*Is so ticklish and laughs this great big belly laugh

He's enriched our life in a way that we could have never imagined. I was so worried before having him that I just couldn't love someone like I love Carsten, but its so true, just as everyone says, your love just multiplies. There is a bond that I have with him like no other...he is so beautiful in every way. I can't wait to see how God uses him all the days of his life.
Next week, my firstborn, Carsten, will be 3...oh how I long to slow down time...

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